WT75G3200MG 7.5 kg Twin Tub Washing Machine Samsung

WT75G3200MG 7.5 kg Twin Tub Washing Machine Samsung


EZ Wash Tray

Dynamic Pulsator

Air Turbo Spin Drying


The dedicated Wash Tray provides a convenient and unique space to hand-wash delicate items and efficiently pre-wash heavily soiled clothes before putting them into a regular wash. So, rather than having to find a separate area or bend over a faucet, all of your hand and machine cleaning can now be done together in one place.

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Additional information



What Type?

Twin Tub

Washing Capacity

Washing Capacity 7.5 kg


Body colorLIGHT GRAY (PP Body)


Air Turbo


Additional CycleWash Selector: Normal / Heavy Drain Selector: Wash / Rinse, Drain

Option ListWash Timer: 0 - 35 minutes Spin Timer: 0 - 5 minutes

Physical specification

Net Dimension (WxHxD)832 x 902 x 483 mm

Net Weight23.5 kg