HT-J5100K Samsung Home Theater

HT-J5100K Samsung Home Theater


Powerful bass for a big sound boost

The Samsung HES J5100 is designed to deliver deeper and richer bass. Vibrations radiate through the system to ensure all low notes are faithfully reproduced. Enjoy powerful sound that will make you feel as though you’re at the cinema.


Transcendent sound with Crystal Amp Pro

The Samsung HES J5100 values audio just as much as visual. The HES J5100 utilises unique patented Crystal Amp Pro technology that dramatically enhances sound quality through its multi-variable feedback of sound signals, transcending the average-sounding output of your typical systems.


Balance your sound your way

Personalise your audio with user equalizer settings accessible on your main TV display. You can directly adjust the levels of each frequency band to perfectly suit the mood or your taste.


Watch TV in surround sound instantly

With the TV Sound On feature, you can enjoy all of your favourite TV shows in high quality surround sound at the push of a button. Simply press the hotkey on the remote control to instantly activate the Samsung J5100’s powerful home theatre speakers.

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What Type?

Home Theater

  • 1000 W
  • Dolby True HD / Digital Plus
  • DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Blu-Ray / DVD & CD playback
  • Karaoke function
  • FM Tuner